Another source for feeding my narcissism

My name is Ursula Goff. I do hair, so you will find a lot of hair on here - my hair and my clients' hair. And you will find the occasional random project of mine.

Melo. Drama. on Flickr.

sunny D on Flickr.

fuh-yu-bih Omg your like perfect!

Thank you! I’m totally not perfect in real life, I just pretend like I am online ;)

radrager Well I was just checking up could of sent people to you. I like your hair styles. Colors are cool. Come visit us soon!

I appreciate it! It seems like I know a girl or two online or through Instagram or…somewhere…that does this sort of work out that way. If I can remember who she is, I can let you know!

Sadie Rainbow on Flickr.

radrager You do hair here in Vegas? Where?

No, actually, I live and work in Kansas. Although I do visit Vegas every year or so.

jewel tones on Flickr.

gray hair on Flickr.

Windy. on Flickr.

curls and smile. on Flickr.

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